Tuesday, September 15, 2009

two new albums...

here are 2 new albums that i am enjoying! thought you might want to check them out.

leeland's new album, love is on the move, is good. it follows typical leeland sound (which i love) and the lyrics are good too! i am currently LOVING the song, love is on the move. holy spirit have your way and follow you are also both good songs.

the album, the outsiders, by needtobreathe is great! in fact when i first bought it, i listened to it for like 3 days straight. this album sounds like marc broussard meets kings of leon. a good southern rock style with christian lyrics. garden, lay'em down and a girl named tennessee are my favorites.

so buy up and enjoy!


Jen said...

AH! I'm in LOVE with the new Needtobreathe CD. Like, whoa.

elizabeth said...

I was just thinking I needed some new music...can't wait to try The Outsiders. Thanks for the suggestions!