Monday, January 4, 2010

deuteronomy 1-11 [intro]...

so, once the lord let me rest physically and got my attention and pushed me to repentance, that is when the sweetest time began.  there were several days where i was able to spend time reflecting on this past year. it was such sweet worship!! i know i have said it before, but there is nothing like taking time to reflect on the lord's faithfulness in your life, especially when times are tough or you feel distant from him. many tears where shed as i reflected over this past year.

before you get to thinking that i did this reflection on my own because i am so spiritual, it did not.  in my bible reading plan, i just happened to be in deuteronomy 1-11.  the lord used moses' speeches here to teach me much, including the reminder to remember what he has done and to take care lest i forget.  this was also coupled with the kick in the pants i received from ronnie smith in his message on sunday.

i spent the rest of the week REAPing through these chapters and reflecting and repenting and giving thanks.  the next few blogs will be the result of this time.

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