Thursday, February 10, 2011

a good week for new music...

within the last week or two i have purchased several new albums that i think are worth your time. some great music.

this album is #1 right now on itunes. that should tell you how good it is.  the civil wars is a band with singers joy williams and john paul white. i have heard this duo a few times, got some of their free christmas music on, saw them on leno.  i love the sound of the their music but most of all (kind of folkie), i love the way their voices go together. i even really like their remake of i want you back (originally recorded my michael jackson). definitely buy this one!

i recently had a friend tell me about andrew belle and then literally the next day i saw that this album was free on and so i immediately downloaded it. it is so good!  i was listening to it nonstop (until i bought the civil wars album). go ahead and buy this one too. its perfect for all of this winter weather.

this is a local austin band (some friends of mine) and i have grown to really like their music. give it a try and discover a new band before your friends. you won't regret it.

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