Monday, February 14, 2011

veneers and sonic care...

i have bad teeth. almost every time i go to the dentist i have a cavity.  before you judge me you need to know that i brush, floss and even use listerine. but it is no use, it is just in my genes for these pearly whites to decay. my pops can't seem to keep his teeth either.

each time i go to the dentist i make a joke about just pulling them all and giving me veneers. i argue that this will save everyone time and money since i am sure that all of mine will eventually fall out. my dentist (who i love) and her office manager think this proposal of mine is hilarious and give me a hard time.

well this week i went in and sure enough i have small cavity. i am getting good at spotting them on the xrays now. as i was leaving and scheduling my followup appointment to get the cavity filled, the office manager asked me if i wanted a sonic care toothbrush.  i laughed and said, no. those things are like 200 bucks.  she then proceeded to try and sell it to me. i laughed and told her i needed to save for my veneers. that no toothbrush could save these pearly whites.

she said i had a credit and that she would discount the toothbrush so that i would walk out with the new toothbrush at no cost. she guaranteed me that i would like it. and well, she's right.  i accepted her offer and her challenge and i love it.  it feels awesome.  i have had a little trouble keeping stuff from dripping from my mouth, which is about par for me. but i bet i still will have a cavity next time i go in...

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