Monday, February 28, 2011

happy birthday bubbs...

i'd like to take a post here and wish my brother a happy birthday. today, the little kid i used to give such a hard time to, turns 26 - wait am i old enough for him to be 26? here are just a few things i appreciate and love about my brother.

he is patient. his ability to sit and tinker with and fix things is incredible. he's that guy that you call to put things together for you when there are like a million parts or something isn't working just right. but he is also patient with people seeing the best in them and their potential.

he is compassionate. he is intune to what people are feeling or might be feeling and considers them above himself. his ability to love and care for others far exceeds mine. he is way more thoughtful and considerate.

he is optimistic. he sees the best in people. he hopes for the best situation and has the ability to help others (like a pessimistic sister) feel the same.

he can cook! and he loves to! this is a huge bonus when we get together!

he is great with kids (it is like we inherited a gene or something). we have both always loved playing with kids and been kid magnets.

he forgives easily. i have seen jon forgive people so quickly when they have wronged him. he sees the best in them and does not hold grudges. some people have taken advantage of this, and his older sister who has a little trouble forgiving has wanted to fight a few people.

he is honorable. he fights for and defends our country.

i love you bubbs! happy 26th birthday from your proud big sister!

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