Wednesday, February 23, 2011

roomie run...

not too long after i moved in with the engstroms, i started training for a 1/2 marathon. one day when i was leaving to go on a run, gtb wanted to go with me. i told him that he couldn't because i was going too far.  he told me that it was okay because when he wore his puma's he was really fast.  i chuckled and told him that he still couldn't go.  this became an ongoing joke, where he asked if he could go and i usually teased him by saying no but i was wearing his pumas.  he always checks my feet to make sure before i leave (he got me puma's for christmas ps).

well this past saturday, we were out playing in the front yard and i told him that i needed to go for a run and i would be back.  he then, as usual, asked if he could go.  this time i surprised him by saying yes.  he got so excited, ran inside and put on shorts and his pumas!  but that is not all folks, he also grabbed his iphone (an old hand me down - don't judge) and headphones. and he did that on his own, with no prompting. i said, "oh we need to take a picture!" he then proceeded to tell me that he had a camera on his phone and could take care of it. i couldn't help but laugh! 

olivia did snap a picture of us before we left and gtb wanted us down in the ready position. so here we are.

our run was around the corner and back (i did not make him go 5 miles). as were were walking back in the house he said, "that was a good run. now let's have some gatorade." too cute!


mgoff said...

This is too cute!

Anonymous said...

so glad you said "yes" I know it just did wonders to his little psyche and created a lasting memory :-) how you take time for the kiddos and meeting them where they are is always inspiring!