Wednesday, February 9, 2011

mom comes to town...

a few weekends ago my mama came into town for work, but i'd like to think it was just to see me. ;) friday afternoon,we hung out with the engstroms. mom made the boys spiderman blankets and well we had to teach her how to play GTB's favorite game, undies! then, we headed out for some high class dining and used my groupon to the melting pot. and man o man was it delicious! my mouth is watering it just thinking about it.

saturday morning we headed to cafe monet in the triangle and painted some pottery. it was great. i am not very artistic, but it was still fun and i like what i painted.  here is what our pottery looked like before...

 yes, that says insulin. figured that made this bowl even more original.  funny and a practical reminder for diabetics - did you take your insulin?

and here are our finished products.  now i just gotta figure out how to get mom's plate to her.

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