Saturday, August 29, 2009

28 the year to fascinate...

so my birthday was last friday (aug 21st) and i turned the big 2-8. many of you know that since i turned 25, i have come up with a fun tag line for each year. 25 and alive. (a friend and i had some ailments and we were sure we were going to expire that year, but we survived.) 26 and in the mix. 27 bread unlevened. but that got old, so i changed it to 27 the year to act 11. and this year it is 28 the year to fascinate. not that i have any plans as to how i am going to that, yet.

here are some pictures from my birthday celebrations. yes there were multiple and it was awesome.

my parents came in on friday afternoon and we hung out at my house. it was th first time they had seen it.then my roomies, parents and i went to eat at mandola's for some italian food. then rach, cass and i went to see wicked! it was awesome! probably the best musical i have ever seen. i laughed outloud so many times!!saturday i took my parents to kerbey lane (an austin favorite for breakfast) and then we headed out hwy 71 to spicewood for a canopy tour. that is right, a canopy tour where you zip from tree to tree right here in the continental US. it was really fun! you should check it out if you are in the area, cypress valley canopy tours.

then we, headed into marble falls. we found this bar b que place on 71 so we stopped and gave it a try. not too shabby.once we got to marble falls, we of course stopped at the bluebonet cafe for some incredible pie!! wish i had taken pictures for you. the meriangue is like 6 inches or pure goodness!

then we drove around marble falls and kingsland, remembering old times at the lake. park road 4 is still a favorite of mine. too bad it was raining.

and this weekend, my friends threw a party for me. we all went to eat at el arroyo, another austiny place and then headed to the shuck shack for some horsehoes, bocci ball and washers. it was good times!

yes, olivia painted micah's chest for me! i love that family!

i feel very blessed! it was a great birthday, fascinating, if you will... and so it begins.


danielle said...

how much fun becca! i miss you!

elizabeth said...

happy belated birthday!!