Monday, August 10, 2009

mountains goats...

so one of the passages i have been reading about the lord's power and majesty (in addition to psalms) is the end of the book of job. the part where the lord finally speaks up to job and reminds job of his might and power and puts job in his place. i love this because god often communicates to me in this way. in chapter 39 of job, the lords talk about mountain goats, donkeys, oxen, ostriches, horses and hawks. he asks job if he was there when the mountain goats gave birth. if he even knew when they were going to give birth? his point, i believe, is that these things go on all the time and they do not need the help of man (myself or anyone else) to happen. it goes on all the time without me knowing it or having to be in control of it. it happens all without me.

this opened my eyes to how much goes on all the time that is out of my control. i am a lot smaller than i think i am. the world does not run because i did things right or corrected things. the world runs because the creator runs it. this does not just include the earth as a whole, but also the world i encounter each day. the things i am entrusted to lead or do. god is in control of it all, i am just his vessel. i have no real control. my job is not to worry, my job is to know my creator and trust him.

so when i catch myself worrying, i feel like immediately the lord brings 2 words to mind, "mountain goats." and that is all i need to remember that i am not in control and do not need to be.

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