Thursday, August 20, 2009

life together....

i just finished this book, and i am going to add it to the favorites category! i LOVED it! it is very readable, convicting and practical!! first bonhoeffer describes what christian community should look like and blows up all our expectations and social club ideas that we have made it into. and he talks about the purpose of it, which is to speak the word to God to one another, not find people like us that we feel comfortable around. then he talks about the things you should do together and the importance of still doing some things alone. his ministry chapter was super convicting, as he talked about how to love on and minister to one another. then he ends with a chapter on confession, a lost art in fellowship today, which could be why so many of us still feel so alone. it is SO worth your time. it is not long at all, but it is packed with info that will challenge you, at least it did me. i will definitely be rereading this one!

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