Monday, August 31, 2009

martyrs and thieves...

martyrs and thieves
by jennifer knapp
There's a place in the darkness that I used to cling to
It presses harsh hope against time
In the absence of martyrs there's a presence of thieves
Who only want to rob you blind
They steal away any sense of peace
Though I'm a king I'm a king on my knees
And I know they are wrong when they say I am strong
As the darkness covers me


So turn on the light and reveal all the glory
I am not afraid
To bare all my weakness knowing in meekness
I have a kingdom to gain
Where there is peace and love in the light, in the light
Oh I am not afraid
To let Your light shine bright in my life, in my life
Oh I... am, I...

There are ghosts from my past who've owned more of my soul
Than I thought I had given away
They linger in closets and under my bed
And in pictures less proudly displayed
A great fool in my life I have been
Have squandered till pallid and thin
Hung my head in shame and refused to take blame
For the darkness I know I've let win


Can you hear me? (repeat 6x)

Well I've never been much for the baring of soul
In the presence of any man
I'd rather keep to myself all safe and secure
In the arms of a sinner I am
Could it be that my worth should depend
By the crimson stained grace on a hand
And like a lamp on a hill Lord I pray in Your will
To reveal all of You that I can


There's a place in the darkness that I used to cling to
It presses harsh hope against time...

this song has been on my heart all month really. i find myself singing the chorus over and over again, longing to be healed! longing for the light! i am not afraid to bring my junk into the light anymore because i have tasted healing this summer and as humiliating as it has been, the results far outweigh the pain! so i ask the Lord to turn on the light and reveal all so that i can be healed and he can be glorified!

the third verse also gets to me, i would rather keep to myself all safe and secure, but i have done that my whole life, trying to keep this image together. if only i could take all the energy i wasted trying to cover up my sin and keep my image and use that to bring my sin into the light to be healed. i would be a very different person! no more clinging to the darkness!

this is an old song, but oh so good if you do not own it!


prothro said...

one of my absolute favorites.

Andrea said...

I love that song and love Jennifer Knapp!! (Whatever happened to her??)
Thanks for sharing. I just listened to the last two sermons from The Stone. Wow! So great! I pray that a really cultural change will begin to occur.
Think I'll go dig out some Jen songs now. :)

ASuh said...

this is by far my fave jennifer knapp song

Sarah D. said...

Love this one... that whole album is awesome!

emily said...

JKnapp! YES! I love this song and I love her. I hear that she is making a comeback.