Saturday, August 8, 2009

give thanks to the lord...

as i have written in an earlier post one of the things i have been learning is about is dwelling on the lord and his might, faithfulness, power, sovereignty, etc. as i have been doing this, i would say that my confidence and trust in the lord has grown immensely. i know all these things in my head, but my heart obviously does not believe them, otherwise i would not try to be in control so much or worry about my needs, because i would trust that he was enough.

it is good to give thanks to the lord,
to sing praises to your name, o most high;
to declare your steadfast love in the morning,
and your faithfulness by night.
psalm 92:1

so i have set a pattern for myself based on this scripture, this discipline is not saving me, but it helps me. because obviously, left to my own devices i do not naturally think about the lord and his greatness. each morning i spend some time dwelling on the lord's majesty and steadfast love. this helps put things in perspective and it eases any worries that are already rising up in the wee hours of the morning!

then at night, before i go to bed, i spend some time reflecting on how the lord has provided that day, big and small. this helps me see how he has provided for my every need that day. i choose to journal this so that i can look back and see evidence of the lord's faithfulness. i too often forget and blow through my day, without even thinking about the lord's steadfast love for me.

whoever is wise, let him attend to these things;
let them consider the steadfast love of the lord.
psalm 107:43

there are lots of psalms that call us to remember all that the Lord has done and his faithfulness. sometimes we get so caught up in our current reality that we forget about the one who controls the reality. hope you get to spend some time dwelling on the lord's steadfast love today!

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