Sunday, August 9, 2009

battling unbelief...

i recently bought this audiobook on itunes and listened to it on a drive to dallas. it was just what i needed to hear. this book is a shorter version of piper's book future grace. these are the application chapters from that book. i would love to read it, but if i am honest, the size of it intimidates me and i put it on my list to read when i am retired. but in the mean time, i can highly recommend this book, battling unbelief.

each chapter addresses an issue like depression, anxiety, despondency, anger, fear, etc. and then points out the unbelief that leads to it. if we believe in christ, how can i be living like this? how can i live in anxiety all the time? well that is because there is a disconnect between what i know and what i believe. this book addresses just that. he talks in detail about each issue and then addresses the unbelief and gives scriptures to help us battle it. i highly recommend it!!

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