Tuesday, June 22, 2010


one of my favorite coffeeshops to hang out at is mozart's.  now remember that coffee does not taste good in my mouth, so i am not choosing this place based on their coffee. i have no idea how good their coffee is.  BUT i can tell you that their atmosphere is wonderful.  mozart's is mainly outdoors and it is right on the lake.  there is tons of outdoor seating for you and all of your friends. there is free wifi and sometimes live music.  i could spend hours (and often do) out at mozart's.  the tables are big so there is plenty of room whether you are working, playing a game, eating or you just need some personal space.  mozart's also has some tasty pastries and gelato. for non-coffee drinkers like me, there is quite an assortment of tasty beverages that have no coffee flavor.  so go enjoy!

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