Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new roomies...

so may was a whirlwind of a month for me. in addition to being crazy busy at work, i moved!  this move was a big deal for a couple of reasons:

number one: 
i left these girls, whom i love!  cassie and i have lived together since i moved to austin and rachel was one of my first friends at austin stone. though i know we will still hang out, it will not be the same and i will miss them greatly!

number two:
i got to move in with some other good friends of mine and their two little boys!!  the engstroms have been some of my good friends since i moved here.  todd is on staff with me and olivia and i have not only read through systematic theology together (yes all of it) but we have caused a lot of fun and thrown many parties together. something that i am sure will happen even more often now that i am living in the guest room.  i do love todd and olivia, but one of the biggest highlights for me is getting to live with Gus the Bus (3years) and Deuce the Caboose (1 year)!  i have already become a better sword fighter and fighter of bad guys.  i also have perfected the art of handing deuce back to his mama before he vomits - thus keeping myself clean. how cute are these guys!

number three:
this move marked the end of a season and the beginning of another.  i moved in with the engstrom clan to save money so that i could pay off debt faster. once my debt is paid off, i plan to take the classes i need to in order to adopt and then move in a place of my own, do a home study and then adopt.  so essentially, this was the last time i would have "normal" roommates.  that is it.  exciting and weird all at the same time.  i have been talking about adoption for awhile now, and as i started taking these first concrete steps it has really hit me. i am more excited than ever and more nervous than ever.  we will see what happens over this next year.  CRAZY!  but until then, i will have a blast living with my new roomies (as Gus the Bus calls me).

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