Friday, September 3, 2010

chosen marathon for adoption...

so i am running another 1/2 marathon! it has been almost 2 years since my last one, so i was due.  but i am running this race because of the cause that it supports. all the proceeds from this race go to support families who are adopting.  a bunch of people from our church are running it and all of the money we raise go specifically into our church's adoption fund.  this fund is used for either non-interest loans or grants to help families adopt.  it has already been used to help some friends of mine bring home their newest addition, abraham.  so of course, i had to run this.

i do love training for a race. it gives me purpose to running. but this race is in october and this texas heat and humidity is killer!  it has been quite discouraging this time around. in order to avoid the killer heat, i have been getting up early to run before work.  that does not bode well for this night owl, but there is no other choice!

i started using an app on my iphone called micoach.  it helps you track your pace and tell you whether to slow down or speed up.  micoach has been the best motivation for me while i am running!  apparently i stink at keeping a consistent pace, but this has helped me out.  i HIGHLY recommend it!

i know it is a little late to start, but you should consider coming in town to run it too!  what a great cause for a run!

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