Thursday, September 23, 2010

window on the world...

i bought this book not too long ago after reading david platt's book, radical.  one of the things he challenges his readers to do is to pray for the world and he lists two resources for this.  one being operation world and the other being window on the world.

operation world is for us adults and so i ordered it, but the copy i ordered will not be published until october 15th. i am sure i will talk more about it after i have received it.

window on the world is the kids version of this.  and i LOVE it!  while i have been waiting for operation world to come out, i have started using window on the world. it is so good and so simple.  each page is a different people group to pray for.  it tells you some of the history about the country, what they believe, what they are know for, etc.  there are pictures of people and children and a map so you can see where each people group lives.  then there are simple (yet powerful) prayer points to pray through for them.  i was moved to tears reading through it in the office the other day.

if you have children, especially kindergarten and older, i would highly recommend this book.  your older elementary school kids could probably even read through it themselves, but it is also a great way for your family to pray together for other people groups.  what a great resource to teach our children about god's heart for the nations!! just go ahead and order it!

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