Monday, September 6, 2010

a praying life...

i read this book over the summer with a group of women and it has been one of the most practical and impactful books on prayer that i have read. perhaps some of it was the circumstances (learning things through my car and the awesome friends who were reading this book with me) but i am changed because of this book. 

miller does an excellent job at explaining the childlike qualities that are needed for prayer.  one of the most impactful statements for me was "we don't need self-discipline to pray continuously, we just need to be poor in spirit" (66).  it is not more self-discipline and planning that will make me a better prayer.  no i don't pray not because i don't know how or not because i am not disciplined enough or not because i do not have enough time. no i don't pray simply because i do not think i need him! if was poor in spirit and dependent on him, then i would be praying like crazy.  asking him for help and seeking his strength and wisdom.  but the truth is, i only do that when the big stuff happens or when i have exhausted all of my other tricks or i am at my whit's end.  so my prayer began to be that the lord would make me dependent upon him and less independent.  no lie, that was the day that my car died. :) coincidence, i think not. needless to say the next few month, my prayer life grew to a whole new level!

i cannot recommend this book enough to you.  you need to read it!  miller does a great job of exposing why we don't pray and really getting at the heart as well as laying out simple tools that can help us grow in our prayer life.  buy this book! click to the left and order it right now on amazon!

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Dara Steward said...

LOVE this post! So true. I was just talking about this with some girls last night... couldn't put my finger on the terms "poverty of spirit", but that is exactly the key to prayer!