Thursday, September 30, 2010

in just a year...

the together for adoption conference starts today with the pre-conference sessions.  as i was driving home last night i started thinking about last year's conference in nashville. memories started flooding my mind.  my life already looks so different in just a year!

since last october (when i attended the together for adoption conference in nashville, tn) i have moved out of the house i was living in and in with some close friends so that i could pay off debt. my car died, i trusted the lord, sold it and have been borrowing cars ever since (never being without one when i need it). i am over halfway done paying off debt and should be done by the end of january!

where has the year gone?  it seems like yesterday that i read crazy love by francis chan and the lord put this idea in my heart. and then came all the fears and concerns. the selfishness that welled up in me, the fear that people would think i was crazy or foolish or lonely or whatever. but he gave me the strength to trust him. and last october i hopped in a toyota siena with one of my best friends in austin and caravaned with few other (now really close friends) to nashville for a conference where the course of life would be changed forever. where the way i pictured my future would change to something drastically different.

here is the blog post i wrote after the conference last year. who knows what this next year will hold.

i am excited to be a part of this conference again (here in my own city this time)! i am excited to learn more but i am also excited about what the lord is going to do in the hearts of those who come this weekend. i am sure there will be many like me whose hearts will be changed forever. please pray for this conference this weekend, that the lord will use this to rescue his children!

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