Thursday, July 30, 2009

austin's own frozen banana stand...

yes it is true - a real frozen banana stand! for those of you who are arrested development fans, you understand my excitement! for those that do not understand my excitement, that is okay. you can be excited for a different reason - they are soooooo good!

it literally is a banana on a spoon that is frozen (much healthier than a popsicle) and then dipped in chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter or all 3. then they sprinkle a variety of toppings on in it and it is a party in your mouth. i went yesterday and i got the afternoon delight, which was dipped in vanilla, drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter and then sprinkled with nuts and graham crackers! it was pure awesomeness! you can get a whole or a halfsie. this banana was my dinner so i went whole. they also have some vegan options for choose that lifestyle.

where is this great place you ask. it is in a movable shack on barton springs, just east of lamar, in the parking lot of jack and adam's. the hours are a little different, so check the website before you go. you can also follow them on twitter @bananarchy_atx for fun things like arrested development viewings along with your bananas!

word of warning: cash only folks! but "there is always $$ in the banana stand."

oh and one more cool thing, as i was doing research on this, i found out that one of the girls who helped start this is using some of the $ earned to raise money for her world race project, which is a missions deal for 9 months (i think).

anyway, it is cool and there is NO reason why you should not try this place out!

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