Thursday, July 9, 2009 five in the DR

today was our final day at the school. we had to get to the school early this morning and i thought for sure i was going to have my chance to see the chickens killed, but alas, no luck. we had our final graduation ceremony for the second class. then we went out to a field and played soccer and frisbee with the kids. it was super hot, but really fun! again it was cool to watch our kids jump in with the other kids.

here are our kids with our gua gua (van) driver, juan. he is the best!

jumping rope with new friends.

then we went to see the new makarios house that is being built. the structure is fully done, but they need more funding to finish it out. it is going to be pretty stinking sweet!

here is everyone on the roof. it will be awesome!

the third floor (roof) is my favorite!

see why i love the roof so much!

after touring the new house, we went down to the malecon and walked around. then we got ice cream as a treat. it was not only sweet, but the ice cream shop had air conditioning, something we have not experienced since we have been here.

tonight we dwelt on psalm 8 and the majesty of the lord. we had the kids read it tonight (which is pretty sweet. if you read the psalm you will see why) and then we spent some time looking at the moon and stars (v. 3-4) and talked about how big god is and how powerful he is to control all those things. we did have 2 little ones fall asleep during the devo and prayer. the cool rooftop in the dark was too much to resist. what a sweet time!

thanks for your prayers. please pray for us as we relax and debrief at the beach tomorrow. i know i know, what do we need prayer for at the beach. pray that as we relax we will be able to process and debrief what we have learned about, especially with the kiddos. that we won't miss out on anything god has shown us here.

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Ginger said...

LOVING all the pics. Continuing to pray. Miss you!