Sunday, July 26, 2009

fx...week great is our god!!!

so today was our first sunday of fx and it went well... INCREDIBLE! i mean production and program ran smoothly, but something way bigger was happening in that room. you could feel it! i had goosebumps and tears in my eyes many times as i watched kids dance with joy in the aisles and parents jump and do motions to songs with their kids. kids and parents raised their voices to the king together today and his name was lifted high!!

our bottom line today was, "when we think we know better than God, we reject him as king." we talked about how Israel so desired a king because they did not think God was enough and then we talked about how when saul did not wait for samuel (and the lord and his timing) he thought he knew better than god. next week, we will talk about king david, and then on to jesus as king. our hope is to build to the climax about what it looks like to live as a part fo god's kingdom.

thank you for your prayers! please keep praying for families, in our church or yours. one of the coolest moments for me today was when we were singing God of this City together. how cool for parents and leaders to be singing that with and over the kids. as we were singing “greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city,” it hit me. these kids, this next generation will be the ones that these greater things will be done through. these kids are part of the future of a redeemed and renewed austin, and we are getting to sing about it now!!! can’t wait to see what these guys are like in 10 years!

please pray for parents this week, even right now that they will continue to talk about what they learned today. that they will apply it to their family's lives. pray that the Lord surrounds them with his word and truth so much that they cannot help but talk about it! pray against feelings of inadequacy or defeat! the enemy would want nothing more than for parents to feel that they are no good at discipling their kids so that will quit. or to feel so uncomfortable that they give up. pray that God will ignite something in these families these next few weeks!!

and if you are in austin, come join us for fx!! you don't want to miss what God is doing!

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