Wednesday, July 8, 2009 four in the DR

serving. as you can see in these pics, the kids have been active participants in serving on this trip. they are not just observers. sure it has taken some creativity on our part to find ways that they can serve, but it has been cool to watch them do it. and even cooler to hear them talk about it at night during devo time. their highs and lows have been pretty stinkin' cool!!

one of my favorite stories today was a kid named isai. he really wanted to be friends with one of our kids. he spoke a little english and made a huge effort to get to know him. he even was helping him speak in spanish. it was incredible!

today, we did the second bible camp for the second class. it ran much smoother than monday. we taught the lesson, made bracelets, played a game (competition is always a hit), and tie dyed shirts again! the tie dye has been a big hit even among the makarios staff.

speaking of makarios staff, the Lord has some studs working down here! they love people well! more than the groups that come in, they love the kids and their families well! it has been super challenging to watch them. to see them go into the villages and know the kids and families and all that is going on in their lives. to watch them be so patient with kids who constantly push the limits. they truly are lights to the people here. everyone knows them in the villages. they love because He has first loved them.

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