Friday, July 31, 2009

the practice of the presence of god...

i recently read this little book while i was on vacation. it is a short read, 60 pages at most, but the contents within were priceless. through these conversations and letters with brother lawrence, i was reminded that i live in presence of god, the god, the creator of all, the one in control. i don't just live in his presence when i am praying, reading my bible, or at church. because of the cross, i am in his presence all the time and i can know him!!

this book challenged me as to what i think about, what do i fill the dead time with, where do i let my mind wander? i found that i all too often rather than having a conversation with my god, i would rather have on music that just lets me escape. or i will daydream or replay a conversation. but i realized how unfulfilling that is when i could be spending time with my lord, the only one that can satisfy me. i mean after all, my entire purpose of existence is to glorify him and advance his kingdom, so why has this not been a priority before. why do i only spend time with him for a few minutes in the morning and then go on with my day and think of him occasionally.

this was easy to do on vacation, but now i am trying to figure out to do it when i am busy with life. i need your help jesus! i want to walk with you throughout the day! i want my thoughts to dwell on you! i bet i would worry and fear much less...

you should read this. it is worth it!

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