Tuesday, July 7, 2009

tuesday...day three in the DR

today we had our graduation ceremony for one class. families came out to see their kids graduate from bible class. their teachers were pretty proud too.

hanging out in chichigua. one of the villages that makarios works with.
again it was cool to watch our kids get out of their comfort zone and play with the kids. from soccer to jump rope to tag. its not easy, but it is awesome to see.

my little buddy in the red shirt that i am holding is wilson. wilson is known for his big heart! wilson also happens to be the child that kidstuff sponsors to go to makarios. our kids offering each month goes to support wilson so that he can attend colegio makarios. it was really sweet to meet him face to face and play with him today. i just couldn't help but pray for this little guy as i hugged him over and over again.

in the evenings, as a team we have been reading through and discussing different psalms that talk about the Lord's power and majesty. tonight we ready through psalm 29 and it was awesome!

thank you for your prayers. tomorrow we are doing the bible camp again for the other bible class. pray that the gospel will fall on fertile soil tomorrow!


Meaghan said...

becca! so proud of you!

Sarah D. said...

my heart just grew a little after reading this! So excited for ALL involved... sounds like God is working in huge ways! :) Love you friend... thanks for keeping us updated!