Saturday, July 4, 2009

one last time before the DR...

last night, jodi, one of the team members on our trip got sick, some kind of stomach bug or virus. after getting some fluids at the ER and some anti-nausea medicine, the ER doc did not think it was wise for her to continue on the trip. her husband and daughter are still going, but please pray them as they are apart and pray that jodi gets safely back home. family is coming to pick her up in dallas and drive her back.

as for the rest of us, we are enjoying our 3 hour layover in miami because robbie got us into the adrmiral's club.thanks for your prayers and support! we are ready to get to the DR and the makarios house!!

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shaw said...

awesome that you got into the admirals club!! have a great time!! we really can't wait to hear how everything goes! So excited for you and the team!